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Solution infographics

Juniper Networks asked us to create five infographics—each promoting one of its five solution pillars around 5G.


A small NH-based software firm with a giant client list, Akumina wanted to create a product-launch video that would communicate the compelling business benefits delivered by its new software.

Comprehensive marketing support

VoiceFriend needed marketing help that could enable them to grow into an industry-leading provider of integrated messaging and engagement solutions for the senior living and skilled nursing industries. And grow they did!

Rebranding, Messaging, Website

Three websites of varying ages, three company brands, plus an umbrella brand. Granite Financial's web presence wasn’t telling its story as well as it might’ve or communicating the right messages to clients and prospects.

Demand-generation campaigns

In 2018, we began working on a partner-led demand-generation campaign for the hybrid cloud data services and data management giant NetApp. Turns out, they liked the work. Functioning as a trusted extension of NetApp’s marketing organization, we continue to produce elaborate campaigns that each include dozens of marketing assets—all tailored to help NetApp partners approach prospects, generate demand, and sell NetApp solutions.


Juniper Network's sales and marketing teams were about to roll out their end-to-end 5G solution at the world's biggest mobile communications event. And they needed a video. We had just over three weeks to work and needed to make a short teaser version too. Mission accomplished. And award-winning, at that!


Infographics can have all sorts of different formats and styles, as well as copy of varying length and complexity. One key to getting the mix right is knowing where on the buyer’s journey the piece will be used, encouraging Dell Technologies prospects to take the next step.

Event giveaway

With the UiPath platform, businesses and government agencies are automating manual computer processes and achieving unprecedented work speeds, efficiency, and profitability. As a go-to content developer for UiPath, we had already produced explainer videos, digital ads, event displays, and social media content when they came to us for a giveaway for their “Take a Robot Home” event campaign.

Event engagement

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted to show how easy it was to use their infrastructure-management software. We attracted crowds of IT pros with an invitation to play and compete. Our game gave each player a firsthand experience of the software and collected valuable leads.

Direct mail

Cisco wanted to kick off conversations with a small number of key IT executives. They wanted to tell these leaders Cisco could guide them through their digital transformation. We created a direct-mail campaign that used a valuable thank-you gift to get attention.

Product launch

To help Vascular Technology (VTI) launch its ROSI product to an audience of surgeons, MarketReach tapped talent from across the shop. Our team provided direct-marketing strategy, writing, web development, video editing, photography, and graphic design for digital and print.


B2B audiences like to watch explainer videos. They’re great for simplifying the complex. So when Micro Focus—one of the largest pure-play software companies in the world—needed to tell busy execs about its social-media governance and archiving software (pretty complex stuff), we put our scriptwriting and animation hats on.

Comprehensive rebranding support

The 75-year-old Boston-based accounting and finance firm Raphael and Raphael LLP wanted to speed up growth and attract more clients in need of comprehensive services. Having provided them with an array of creative and marketing successes, we turned to the task of replacing the firm’s 15-year-old website.

Creative services

VMware wanted a marketing piece that would give telecommunications pros an overview of its VMware® Telco Cloud Platform RAN™ solution. This piece would have to convey substantial technical detail and be visually appealing and accessible too.

Custom promotional item

NetApp wanted to meet with channel partners for a Texas cookout—and to make it special. Some of us New Hampshire folks are proud of our ability to grill outdoors through a frigid winter amid six-foot snowbanks. For our client’s sake, though, we put our grilling pride aside and built the right team of creative chefs.

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