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2022's top 5 MarketReach blogs

Lucas Leverett

By Lucas Leverett
December 30, 2022

2022's top 5 MarketReach blogs

Last year, we kicked off a new blog feature to wrap things up in our blog-universe as the calendar begins to flip to a new year. Little did we know, some outside forces had been acting on our #1 most-popular read.

It seems that our blog about the true meaning of ASAP took off so well in its earlier lifespan that it became the featured snippet in Google for a variety of searches by folks curious about literally defining the phrase. While this flattery was a nice ego-warmer for a moment, we quickly realized we had accidentally allowed Google to help this blog gain unfair advantage over other perfectly wonderful and insightful pieces of B2B prose—like some sort of content-marketing doping scandal.

To be sure we stepped out of the shadow of "ASAP," we focused, this time, on blogs published within this calendar year. The leading pieces offer up key points of guidance we are glad readers embraced in 2022. As we turn the calendar to the new year, you can bet these topics will continue to be helpful in the pursuit of success for almost any project or campaign.

Your customers can "join" your marketing team.


From MarketReach co-founder and Chief Client Officer Rod Griffith, Partnering with your customers to boost marketing impact is a case study in enlisting your customers as a less obvious category of partner, alongside the channel and strategic alliance partners we so often consider top-of-mind. Rod tells the success story of PVD Products' efforts to capitalize on growth within their market.

It's not the obvious things that can trip you up.


Any content marketer can tell you: the Internet loves lists. We try not to overdo it, but sometimes a list is exactly what is needed to best advise our audience on important realities we've come to know by being at this B2B marketing "game" since 1994. Rod is once again the tour guide on a journey trough several less obvious planning and implementation problems marketers may overlook, in 7 alliance partner marketing pitfalls you may not know (but should).

Writing and speaking are not interchangeable.


We are quite fortunate to have vast authorial talent on hand, via our stable of fantastic MarketReach writers. Senior Tech Marketing Writer Dave Jagodowski is one of our top blog-producing wordsmiths, and he makes a solid case for enforcing disconnect between your mouth and your keyboard in Write like you speak? No, write better than that.

Stay goal-oriented to assure assets are effective.

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So you have an asset checklist. Fine. But what do those assets actually do for your goals? Are they successful? How are you measuring them? Are familiar routines muddying the effectiveness of your efforts? "Teams often lose that strategic goal-oriented thinking and instead fall into familiar routines," writes MarketReach President Greg Hooven, cautioning readers to "avoid assets that may no longer serve a strategic purpose or achieve a measurable objective." You can read more in How marketing agencies can help their clients set meaningful and measurable goals.

Tighten up your copy to make it shine.


We're back to Dave again to round out the top five of 2022, and in How to polish your first draft to perfection, Dave reminds us that the first draft is almost never the best draft. In a business where simplifying complex technical concepts and products is the mission at hand, efforts you can make to produce a final draft that is more noticeable and sharable will pay off.

Speaking of which, it is time to stop writing this top-five blog, and turn it over to an editor. Here's to your success in 2023, perhaps aided by some of these valuable voices of experience and guidance. Happy New Year!

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