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Our top 5 blogs of 2021

Lucas Leverett

By Lucas Leverett
December 22, 2021

Our top 5 blogs of 2021

It's that time of year. Nearly everyone in every corner of the Internet is firing off their top 20, top 10, top 5, and every other annual superlative list one can imagine. This annual tradition got us thinking: "What were the most popular topics we published blogs about during the year?"

We're a helpful bunch. It makes us feel more fulfilled to share our insights, experience, and skills with the world just as much as doing the actual work of creative services. But which of our smarty-pants digital compositions was the smartiest of smarties? Which were clearly seen as the most interesting and, by that measure, the most helpful by our extended family of clients and colleagues? Let's take a look.

ASAP leads the pack


The clear leader, penned by our own Tech Writer Dave Jagodowski, is his set of witty and practical observations on the true meaning of "ASAP." In What does ASAP really mean?, Dave explores the roots and all the modern subtext of this sometimes-tricky acronym. This one was so popular, in fact, that it is our top blog entry of all time so far.

Color us helpful


Senior Graphic Designer Eryn Mahoney brought us a handy series of guides to design terms this year, and her first installment landed in the runner-up slot among our top reads. In Design terms for non-designers Part 1: Color, novice practitioners in the trafficking of critical visual elements for brands get a quick explainer on the core basics, and those more accustomed to working with color can pick up some handy reminders.

Video killed


Killed what? The radio star? Well, yes. But video has also been "killing it" with regard to most of the stats that matter in gaining traction for brands of all sorts, ranking high in its likelihood of earning action from the target market and proving to be more accessible than ever. Chris Zecco laid all of these realities out in his insightful blog 3 reasons you can’t afford to overlook video marketing, and we must say it's a must-read if you're on the fence at all about video. It's not a fad and not going anywhere, especially given how many of our clients were leaning in on video projects this year.

Not your average designers


In the observation of our Copy Chief Dan DiPiro, our designers are influenced in an array of positive ways by the B2B specialization of our practice here at MarketReach. These 4 ways working in B2B tech marketing has shaped our designers speak to this group's knowing the industry's challenges while falling right in as extensions of the client's creative teams. Dan's right. We've got a great group of insightful creatives doing great work for some of the most prolific names in tech.

Twice on the charts


What's a vector, Victor? Ask Eryn. Her useful guides to design terms landed on this ranking twice. In Design terms for non-designers Part 2: Vector vs. raster, she walks through one of the key concepts in the management and application of creative assets and design: the relationship of vector and raster graphics. There's also a Part 3 in her series. Since you've already gotten this far, you probably should check it out too.

And that's a wrap! These were the top 5 blogs all of you out there in the "Reachiverse" looked to the most frequently. This is, of course, only a tiny sample of a robust set of topics we're always happy to write about. As we head into 2022, we're excited to bring ideas, helpful tips, informative stats, trend awareness, and more to our audience of clients and contemporaries.

Got an idea or question about a topic that needs to become its own blog? Let's hear about it!

Till next time, happy reading.

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