3 reasons proofreading is important for marketers

Craig Clarke

By Craig Clarke
July 18, 2019

3 reasons proofreading is important for marketers

Quality assurance is a phrase typically used by engineers or manufacturers. But as a B2B marketer, you can attain a quality assurance of a different kind with careful proofreading.

1. Quality reflects on your reputation.

Your marketing materials represent you. A client can usually look past an occasional mistake in a quick email or something similarly informal. But mistakes on your website, social media, and other official communications can harm your bottom line.

Any time you create or update your marketing materials, make space in the schedule for proofreading. It takes a little extra time, but it saves embarrassment in the long run. Even quality work from a skilled writer benefits from careful editing.

It’s hard for anyone to proofread their own writing. Writing and editing require different skills and attention to different aspects of the work.

2. Errors impact your credibility.

From missing page numbers to bad links, a misspelled product name, or missing text—any errors could make you look unreliable and careless. How can customers trust the quality of your products if you allow typos on your About Us page? Attention to detail in one area doesn't make up for lack of it in another.

Why risk hurting your reputation, reducing your customers’ trust, and ultimately hurting your revenue? Save time and money in the long run by detecting errors early on.

3. Proofreading improves your readability.

An experienced proofreader with a firm grasp of style and usage adds value by making your words invisible—and your message clear. Professional editors work to clarify your meaning while increasing its ability to hold customer attention and communicate your value proposition.

Careful training in grammar, punctuation, and the nuances of your editorial guidelines will assure that what needs to be fixed gets fixed. It also ensures that what needs to be consistent—like the quirky spelling chosen for your new solution—is also respected.

Proofreading—it’s quality assurance for your marketing.

Ensure your marketing gets the right message across and makes you look your best. Engage a professional proofreader to fix errors and support consistency with your brand and style guidelines.

Avoid the extra cost of last-minute revisions, and the potential damage to your reputation. Take comfort that the message you're sending is the one you intended.

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