Anna's Bookmarks

By MarketReach Blog Team
April 23, 2020

Anna's Bookmarks

Welcome back to Bookmarks!

If I asked to see your bookmarks, would you let me?

Did you just feel a bit uncomfortable? So did I, even asking the question.

When I started this blog series, I thought it would be a great way for my peers to share websites other professionals might find useful. Then, the more I thought about the series, the more it occurred to me that our bookmarks—whether professional resources or personal favorites—say a lot about who we are.

And that's when this series grew into something a bit different, and far more fun.

This newest blog is all about Account Manager Anna Pantazis. She previously worked at MarketReach years ago and missed the company culture and team, so she made her return in 2019. She lives with her husband, son, and dog. She's a huge fan of being organized (personally and professionally), and lives by her to-do list.

Totally normal, right? One would never guess her darkest secret: her love of crime. Crime podcasts, that is.


So, what does Anna have bookmarked?

Anna loves listening to podcasts, be it for business or pleasure. Here are her bookmarked favorites.

So, what does Anna have bookmarked?

Marketing/business podcasts

Business Wars. Anna started listening to this podcast a couple years ago when she had a daily two-hour commute. She started with “Cereal Wars - A Divine Mission,” and she was hooked.

RISE Together (with Rachel Hollis). This podcast motivates Anna to be better—as a person, friend, wife, and businesswoman. RISE provides tangible and tactical tools for life and business. “Overcome Distraction in Work and Life” is one of her favorite episodes so far. It provides insights on how the brain works and practical tips that can be applied at work and home.

How I Built This. This is an NPR podcast about American “innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists—and the movements they built.” She started by listening to “Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher” and has listened to most episodes since then. Her favorites include “Spanx: Sara Blakely,” “Ben & Jerry’s: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield,” and “Airbnb: Joe Gebbia.”


Personal podcasts

Sword and Scale. Here we go—the good stuff. Anna is addicted to this podcast. It is a biweekly podcast exploring nonfiction stories of true crime. It features a variety of narrated true-crime stories intertwined with interviews of criminals, witnesses, victims, and authors along with 911-call audio, witness testimony, trial audio, interrogation tapes, music, and sound effects. She openly admits that it's a total guilty pleasure.

Bear Brook. This is a true crime podcast about an unsolved—or at least partially unsolved—murder case from here in New Hampshire, near Bear Brook.


Other sites

OneNote. Anna uses OneNote daily to keep track of her projects and to jot down notes.

Zoom. Great for conference calls and webinars (as we all know quite well since COVID-19 took over the world).

LinkedIn. Anna uses LinkedIn to stay in touch with previous employers and coworkers. She also follows some of our clients, as well as industry thought leaders.

Twitter. This is where Anna gets her news—local, countrywide, and reality TV.


Huge kudos to Anna for opening up her browser to me. Aside from her obsession with ghastly murders and unsolved crimes, she's truly a sweet person. I swear, she's not a serial killer. (I think.)


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