Four features from our founder

Dan DiPiro

By Dan DiPiro
September 10, 2019

Four features from our founder

Our chief client officer and cofounder Rod Griffith has provided tech marketers with sound strategies for decades. And Rod loves to write about marketing.

Over the last few years, editors have been eager to fill their pages with his B2B content. That includes the editors of Pragmatic Marketer—the magazine published by Pragmatic Institute, which trains marketers for some of the world’s biggest enterprises.

Here are four Rod Griffith feature articles that’ve graced the pages of the award-winning Pragmatic Marketer (recently renamed “The Pragmatic”). Check them out. Who knows? You could come across some useful wisdom.

“Sharks vs Balloons: Leveraging Customer Bias for Better Marketing” August 2019
Biases can and do affect buying decisions. Are you making them work for you?

“Developing an Effective Interactive Product Demo” February 2019
Great product demos let prospects experience the value you offer. But demonstrating a tech product at an event can be next to impossible. What do you do?

“Mapping Your Sales Tools to the Customer Journey” August 2018
Every one of your communications efforts should advance prospects along the journey. The rest is just weeds. Time to get out the hoe.

“The Myth of the Impersonal Buyer” November 2017
Think it’s just business and not personal? Think again.

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