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Learn how to build, market, and sell your true strategic value

The pace of change in technology is accelerating - which means today's innovations are tomorrow's commodities. It is increasingly challenging to establish and maintain differentiation of your products or services. Meanwhile, globalization is rapidly expanding the competitive threat targeting your customer base, further squeezing your profit margins.

As a business and marketing leader, it's imperative to understand how to build, market and sell your true strategic value to today's customers. This requires fundamental change in your organization, as well as to your marketing strategies and tactics.

Driving Results Through Value-Based Marketing is a half-day seminar featuring strategic marketing through leaders and experts, and is designed to help you:

  • Learn proven, repeatable product management and marketing processes to help ensure you're building the right products or services for the right markets.
  • Understand how to better align your organization to the market and sell your true strategic value to customers.
  • Gain insights from a real-world case study from a major technology company that was able to thwart commoditization and significantly boost its corporate valuation through proven techniques for marketing and selling strategic value.
  • Understand how to implement marketing campaigns and initiatives that better align with today's changing customer sales and decision cycles.

Join us at the next summit on Friday, March 10, 2017