The role of the quality assurance team in your marketing

No matter what line of work you’re in, we’re all busy, right? We’re sending off email after email, squeezing in conference calls, attending meetings – all while multi-tasking to get the next project off and running. And so, it’s understandable that mistakes happen. We’re all human after all. While an occasional small mistake is typically overlooked in emails and similar informal communications, such mistakes should be far less tolerated within your marketing materials, sales collateral, website, newsletters and other important communication vehicles.

Marketing lessons from our lunchtime office olympics

At the risk of sounding boastful, MarketReach’s team of dedicated employees works really hard for our clients. Our project managers, web marketing experts, design team and quality assurance team are all intensely focused on planning, creating and implementing effective marketing programs, campaigns and tools for our clients.

Content is King – and we are his servants

Content really is the king. Whether you’re employing a Marketing Automation system or simply managing content and distribution yourself, it’s still up to you to develop the right content and synchronize that content for delivery to your target audiences. Content Marketing is critical. In fact, in a 2013 study by the LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Group, more than 82% of marketers indicated their plans to increase content production over the next 12 months – with virtually no marketers indicating plans to reduce content production.

Today’s B2B marketing is really P2P marketing

I never quite understood the term “Business-to-Business”. Well, of course I understand what it refers to. But I don’t believe it’s the right nomenclature in today’s E-world of marketing. The fact is: your sales people don’t call on a “business”, they call on a person. The decision to purchase your solutions or services isn’t made by a business, it’s made by people. And your contracts are not signed by a “business”, they’re signed by a person.

Do you have a website...or a lead-generating web machine?

There’s a reason we call it a “website.” Because it’s a site. A place. A location in cyberspace. It’s your little piece of the World Wide Web. It’s like a huge, flat open tract of land where you can build whatever you want to build, free from zoning laws, with borders that are completely flexible and can expand to any size you need.

Stop building awareness – and start building mindshare

We define mindshare simply as: awareness extended over time. So when you’re trying to generate qualified leads, you need to focus on capturing mindshare – not just awareness. That’s because awareness – when you really think about it – is directly related to timing. That is, how aware someone is of your company and its solutions can depend very much on the timing. If they just finished reading an article you wrote or an email you sent out, their awareness level for your company and solution(s) may be high.