To write great tech marketing copy, remember these three basics

Writing great marketing copy for the technology industry is its own special challenge—one rooted in traits of the industry itself: its complexity, its abundance of jargon, and its devotion to product features.

Complexity, jargon, and the overemphasis of features (to the neglect of benefits) are three well known enemies of marketing copy effectiveness. Skilled copywriters are always trying to simplify the complex, avoid jargon, and “translate features into benefits.”

Six reasons why marketing to executives fails

“Upreaching” to higher level decision makers is important. Don’t make these common mistakes.

We call it “upreaching”— reaching higher into your customer organizations than your typical customer contact. And in most—if not all—B2B markets today, upreaching is important for building a more strategic relationship with the executive decision makers and true economic buyers within your target customers.

Reducing dark social statistics with attribution

At MarketReach, we believe every marketing campaign should have a metric tied to its success from the start. As marketing campaign channels have grown from print to email to web to social media, the ability to measure your campaign's success has grown, but some information is still left in the dark.

Dark social (or dark data) may seem like one of those new catchy buzzwords in the marketing industry. Although it’s wise to be skeptical about overused buzzwords, it’s important for marketing teams to acknowledge this dark data.

The Patriots prove perseverance prevails

Which strategy does your company embrace?

For three and a half quarters of Super Bowl play, the Atlanta Falcons were unstoppable. Ahead 28–3, their lead seemed insurmountable, even by the experienced Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. At this point, the younger and faster Falcons needed only to maintain their lead for the remainder of the game. And that’s when it happened. The Falcons began to focus on preservation—while the Patriots tightened their focus on perseverance. And as history showed us all, perseverance won.

"We Interrupt This Broadcast"

For many years now, marketers have attempted to gain customer attention by inserting their business messaging into the customer’s attention path. Print ads are designed to interrupt the reading flow of magazine or newspaper readers. Billboard ads are designed to steer the driver’s attention (but hopefully not their car!) away from the road and onto the advertisement. Radio ads interrupt the listening pleasure of the customer. TV ads interrupt the viewer’s attention (often cutting to a commercial at the most suspenseful or climactic part of the show).