MarketReach, Award-Winning Tech Marketer, Moves to New Offices on Amherst Street

Nashua, NH (February 4, 2019)—MarketReach, Inc., a leading provider of award-winning creative services for technology companies, has moved from its previous Nashua location to the city’s Amherst Street commercial district. The move follows a highly successful 2018—one of the best years in the company’s history.

Harnessing the power of stories for a great cause

To support the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD), a group of MarketReach employees recently designed a beautiful, thematic table display for the hospital’s “Storybook Ball” fundraiser.

“I attended a past CHaD StoryBook Ball and thought the elaborately designed tables were amazing,” says MarketReach’s Brand Manager, Jenn Farkas. “I was so inspired, I brought the idea to work and suggested we become a sponsor.”

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what’s a video worth?

If the old saying about a picture is true, you could reason that the minimum worth of a video is 12.5 x 1000 words—12.5 being the lowest possible frame rate per second for video to run to show some sort of motion (and that resulting video would be just one second long). So a video is worth at least 12,500 words.

The worth of video as a communication tool may be tough to quantify, but it’s not escaping the notice of marketers, with 52% of them worldwide ranking video as the content type that delivers the highest ROI[1].

To write great tech marketing copy, remember these three basics

Writing great marketing copy for the technology industry is its own special challenge—one rooted in traits of the industry itself: its complexity, its abundance of jargon, and its devotion to product features.

Complexity, jargon, and the overemphasis of features (to the neglect of benefits) are three well known enemies of marketing copy effectiveness. Skilled copywriters are always trying to simplify the complex, avoid jargon, and “translate features into benefits.”

Six reasons why marketing to executives fails

“Upreaching” to higher level decision makers is important. Don’t make these common mistakes.

We call it “upreaching”— reaching higher into your customer organizations than your typical customer contact. And in most—if not all—B2B markets today, upreaching is important for building a more strategic relationship with the executive decision makers and true economic buyers within your target customers.

Adaptability in Marketing

How adaptable is the marketing company you work with?

Adaptability is one of the most important qualities to look for when you’re selecting a marketing firm. Over the long term, you need a company that can adapt to changing customer behaviors and market conditions. Over the short term, you need a company that reacts well when the parameters of a project change midstream, time is short, and stress levels are high.

Reducing dark social statistics with attribution

At MarketReach, we believe every marketing campaign should have a metric tied to its success from the start. As marketing campaign channels have grown from print to email to web to social media, the ability to measure your campaign's success has grown, but some information is still left in the dark.

Dark social (or dark data) may seem like one of those new catchy buzzwords in the marketing industry. Although it’s wise to be skeptical about overused buzzwords, it’s important for marketing teams to acknowledge this dark data.